Anal Acrobats

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Anal Acrobats decided to set up a site exclusively for the lovers of that tight hole situated between the butts of the most gorgeous ladies in the industry. The ladies here are experts when it comes to serving those butts to the huge cocks of the true anal kings. Ladies who qualify to join this faculty are the very best when it comes to devising creative anal positions. Whether it’s bending over or lying down and opening up their butts with their hands, the final result is a wide open and bulged out asshole ready to receive nasty pounding.

These guys are really the true ass worshipers in the industry. To start with, a girl will dress down and get a moment to show off her butts before spread them in an amazing position. A guy will then proceed to put his head between the butts licking the hole like a sweet piece of cake. He will then take his time oiling and massaging the ass before he draws out his cock, squeeze it deep inside the tight hole and start banging the lady like there is no tomorrow.

You will enjoy these kind of actions but not necessarily in that order always. You will also get the lesbian version where the ladies are going to screw each other using huge toys, strap-ons and other crazy objects.

Get into this site prepared to watch over 519 scenes and admire 266 photo galleries that are likely to make your eyes pop out of their sockets. You will be free to stream the movies in an embedded player or download them in high definition 1080p or MP4 files. The photos are also high resolution and can be downloaded as packaged in zip files.

The Anal Acrobats videos and photos have been shot by the popular Evil Angel studio also known as Buttman studio. In fact, the site has struck a deal with Evil Angel to allow all their members to access the whole of Evil Angel’s network without any extra charge.

It looks like a great deal for the fans of anal as well as double penetration hardcore stuff. With the entire Evil Angel network as a backup plan, you might want to try them out and decide whether you want to work with them for the long haul.

Young Legal Porn

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I have noticed that there seems to be a lot of porn sites out there that focus on that age group between 18 and 23. Young Legal Porn is just one of these sites and if I am being brutally honest this has to be one of the best sites of this kind that I have ever checked out and it is pretty obvious as to why as soon as you land on their home page.

This site is working hard at building its content and that is always good to see as I hate joining a site and then finding out that it is completely static as you feel cheated, but that is not the case here. Instead, you already have a lot of porn to check out with this site, but it is always good to be excited about their latest update and trust me, you will be excited.

As of right now there are just over 1000 movies and just over 900 photo sets, so at least there are hundreds of scenes to keep you busy. They do like to also produce things in HD, so their scenes are actually very good and all of that hot fucking is in crystal clear action, and how cool is that?

The fucking part has to be seen to be believed because they might only be 18 years old, but they seriously know how to fuck beyond their young years and of course we get to see it all, which is always good. They get to fuck in all kinds of positions and their youthful enthusiasm is absolutely clear for all to see, oh yeah and they have no problems when they have to cum nice and hard as well.

Young Legal Porn is an absolute gem of a website and you are going to enjoy checking them out even if you are not mainly into this genre of porn. They produce a lot of content, the chicks know how to fuck, and they update on a regular basis. I know that I am more than happy with my membership and if you think that I will ever cancel, then think again.

Backroom Casting Couch

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Is it any surprise that there is a porn site called Backroom Casting Couch that is dedicated to this idea of having to fuck your way to the top? Not really because we all know that this thing does indeed exist and the fact that there is now a site that focuses on this idea is certainly welcomed as you instantly know that it is going to have some seriously hot fucking and who could resist that?

The concept of the site is very simple. There is a guy with a desk and a couch who interviews chicks that want to be in porn and then he fucks them. It really is as basic as that, but do you wish me to tell you something? It works as a concept. These chicks love to fuck and they do not care that they are being filmed, as it is what they want, and the fucking is absolutely exceptional. Yes, OK, they might not actually be auditioning, but you can still believe them enough to be turned on by it.

The sex itself is rough and ready and is packed full of energy and it does then come across as these chicks really wanting to get the job and being willing to put everything into it. This guy certainly has a good job himself since he gets to fuck them and test them out, so yes there is a good chance you might feel slightly jealous.

There are only scenes for you to perv over here and there are now around 300 of them on a site that updates on a regular basis. The average length of scene is around the 30 minutes mark so they offer more than enough time for them to get past the bad acting part before launching into the fucking. Once the scene starts and you see what they are willing to do for the job you should really want to move into recruitment yourself.

Backroom Casting Couch is a porn site that deserves to be more popular than it is at this moment in time. It has hot fucking, hot chicks, and lots of scenes to watch. Put it this way, I personally think that you would be crazy not to join up.

Blacks on Blondes

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The world is filled with biodiversity. While that is true, we can also how this manifests in the human audiences alone. People come from different races bearing different faces, but because of our common denominator of being human, we get to connect with each other like skin and race don’t matter at all. As such, black people connecting with blondes are always the most interesting topic in this context. If you happen to love how these color ironies love to mingle and fuck real hard, you should definitely watch the contents of the site I’m going to share about with you now. It’s called Blacks on Blondes.

The name sounds dirty the same way it is sexy. Surprise, surprise, you guessed it right and your impression’s definitely as accurate as the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter the Witch. Blacks on Blondes is such a telltale title that, from a glance, give you lecherous notions that would really meet the purpose of the site’s creation. Everything you get to see in this site would be black guys hitting on blond women be it during the weekends at a work in the park or in a night club during a Friday evening madness.

Personally, I would commend this site because of how it shows the way men should act, so as to make yourself get the girl of your dreams. Or get to fuck a blonde to say the least.

Blacks on Blondes gives you a fun ride of porn where black people collide with blonde people after a hot party where everyone prepares to feel sexy. To date, there are over 620 high definition videos accompanied by photo galleries each filled with at least 100 pictures. Average run-time of the videos would be 25 minutes each and the story line is always a good way to give more substance to every material. For something worth $29.95, you actually get more than a conventional porn site would offer.

Fucked Hard 18

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One of the most interesting events in a person’s life would be the coming of age or the age of majority as others would put it, 18. That is actually more like a preparation for the real thing or perhaps the much more mature definition of it, which lays hands at 21. Nonetheless, what 18 features would be a time when we enter the world of intimacy and humanistic affinities. Both usually come together and the former is usually driven by the latter. If you happen to be among this ever-growing populace or that you do miss being 18 years old and getting laid with girls almost every weekends, let me just do a quick review of a source that will really please you. It’s called Fucked Hard 18.

Sex piques everyone else’s interest and there’s no better time to experience its tingling sensation driven by the overgeneration of something called libido in men, as they enter the age of 18. Fucked Hard 18 depicts the kind of life liberated 18 year olds people lead throughout their college life or as during their late high school years. The site presents videos that are true to real life circumstances such as girls going to clubs where men also flock, and they all get tipsy or even totally drunk.

Either way, instances as such always make the perfect excuse to engage in sexual activities, and so every video in this site contains perfectly eliciting scenarios that would really bring you back to nostalgia or let you see how you should be spending your free nights beginning now.

Fucked Hard 18 started with only 150 videos, but the site since then has been updating with over 15 videos a week, which brings it now to a collection of 500 plus high quality porn videos. The categories range from college dorms to club experiences all the way to videos that show how 18 year old women invite their boyfriends over when mother or father isn’t around. All the contents are downloadable and if you’re up for mere streaming, you can enjoy watching the videos in full HD. The subscription remains the same at $19.95 a month and the site is planned to be undergoing physical transformation before the year ends. In total, it’s worth the keeps. Enjoy!

Haze Her

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There is something about my college days that just does not line up with what seems to be happening there now. You see, sites such as Haze Her make you believe that everybody is fucking each other, but then I was always in the library, so I guess that is why I missed out. I always love reviewing this site when they have their Haze Her discount going on. Some sites just get you, ‘right there’ and this is one of them.

This Is Explosive Lesbian Sex.

I should point out from the start that this site focuses entirely on lesbian sex, but hey I am certainly not complaining as the chicks here are seriously hot. You see, they have to basically fuck each other like some kind of challenge in order to be accepted and you know something? I love challenges like this as it leads to hot and horny sex and with a tendency for there to be some group action as well and I know that I for one was unable to take my eyes off the screen.

The Videos are Long And Fun.

The site is still quite new, so they have just over 50 episodes and an equal number of photo galleries as well. Each video is roughly 40 minutes long, but the cool thing is that each photo set has 800 pics and that is a huge amount for a site that is so young. They are also updating on a regular basis and you do get two other bonus sites thrown in with your membership, so there is no way that you should ever be bored here.

It’s All Sex and in HD.

Everything that appears on this site is in HD and from a technical point of view it is all very well shot and you feel as if you are in the room with them. You also have a number of download options with no limits, so there is nothing wrong with going crazy and downloading like mad until your hard drive is bursting out. Do you know something? I wouldn’t blame you for going mad either.

Haze Her is a cool site with hot chicks that love to get off with one another. My only wish is that I was back at college because boy did I miss out with being a geek. Who knew all this action was going on? Boy! Did I miss out.

18 Only Girls

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There is just something hot and raunchy about watching chicks aged between 18 and 23 getting down and dirty and showing us everything that they have and that is basically what 18 Only Girls is all about. This site showcases some of the hottest 18 year olds you are ever likely to see online and do you know what? They get naked and fuck!

They Look So Innocent.

The thing that strikes you is that these chicks do indeed look so innocent and you could never imagine them doing something as filthy as having hot and horny sex. However, they let you know that they really do know what to do when it comes to satisfying themselves as well as your cock and watching these scenes is going to leave you gasping for more and more.

Content Is Exclusive And Lots Of It.

The content on 18 Only Girls is exclusive to the site and with more than 1,100 videos and over 1,400 photo galleries to choose from it is clear that there are a lot of horny 18 year olds out there. There are also more than 350 different models on there and with regular updates you never know what is going to appear next. These guys are clearly very busy when it comes to filming horny 18 year olds. If there are 350 that means variety and as I always say: ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’.

So What Are They Doing?

These chicks are willing to do pretty much anything and everything and it is just hot to see somebody so innocent fucking and sucking until there is a mind blowing orgasm. They also love to fuck each other, take a cock in their ass, and love cum, so your idea of them being not corrupted will certainly be destroyed within the first few minutes.

The Quality Is Outstanding.

I need to mention the quality of the content from a technical point of view as everything is crystal clear and is filmed in HD. It does help that the site is still relatively new, so you are not really going to suffer with older content made with inferior equipment, but you do get to see all of the juicy details right down to every last drop.

18 Only Girls is, for me, one of the best sites of its kind and if you have any sense, then you will go ahead and sign up. What are you waiting for? They are ready for you!


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OK I admit that DogFart is not the best named porn site, but do you want to know something? I don’t care! Why do I not care? Simply because the content that they produce is outstanding and if you are a lover of watching white chicks being fucked by black guys with huge cocks, then welcome to paradise.

The Same Idea, But So Hot To Watch.

So the only thing that this site does is focus on those white chicks with black guys and quite often it involves a group of black guys as well. You might think that this sounds boring, but to be honest with you it really is not and that is simply because of the energy that is in each scene. Oh yeah, and the fact that the chicks are being seriously fucked hard.

It’s Huge!!

Yep it is indeed huge. The DogFart discount membership side that is. You see you get access to 22 different sites that all focus on the same kind of thing, but from different angles and with different themes. All of this equates to over 3,600 scenes with almost 1300 different girls and that just works out at a whole host of porn that you are going to go crazy over.

The Action Is Raw And Ready.

There is nothing fancy about the action as it is just straight down to hardcore fucking with no messing around. OK, there is a little bit of traditional porn acting, but they end up spending the vast majority of the scene fucking those chicks like mad until they have orgasmed far too many times. These chicks love it in every single hole and the guys are only happy to oblige.

Updates Galore.

Dogfart believe in updating their site on a regular basis and that means that you are going to have something new to check out all of the time. These guys are constantly busy, but I love what they do and it does mean that I feel I get real value for money for my membership.

Should you join? Absolutely, but only if you love interracial sex because if you do, then there is never any need to venture anywhere else online.

Reality Kings

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I need to make something quite clear. I am a lover of porn. Yeah I know that this is going to come as a bit of a shock, but it is true. However, I have a complaint to make. The reason why I am so in love with porn is thanks to websites such as Reality Kings. You see, they just have this rather annoying habit of making amazing porn and do you want to know something else? Their website is full of it!

The Content Is Bursting Out Like Big Boobs In A Small Top.

This site really is full of content as you are looking at well over 8,000 different scenes along with the same huge number of photo galleries. Just try and do the maths for a second here. Each scene lasts for around 25 minutes and each photo set has an average of 400 pics in each set. How much time do you need to look at all of the porn that they have on offer?

The Content Features Stars Hotter Than The Sun.

I love that with the Reality Kings discount they do have a real mixture of stars both with the level of fame that they have as well as the different looks and styles. During my rather extensive search of the site I saw pretty much every hair color, tall, short, slim, curvy, small boobs, big boobs, natural, fake, you name it I saw it. Of course variety is always welcome when it comes to porn, so no matter your personal preference they are going to have it here.

The Content Is Easy To Search.

When you have such a huge amount of content on your site it is obviously important that you make it nice and easy to search through it all. Thankfully Reality Kings have thought about this and made sure that you can search according to all kinds of terms and preferences. The fact that you can then go ahead and download that content after you have found it is just a nice bonus although it will pose a problem for your hard drive.

With Reality Kings you get way more than just one site as instead you are in a network of porn that is going to blow your mind. These guys know what they are doing when it comes to making horny movies and you are going to see what I mean after checking out just one single trailer.