18 Only Girls

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There is just something hot and raunchy about watching chicks aged between 18 and 23 getting down and dirty and showing us everything that they have and that is basically what 18 Only Girls is all about. This site showcases some of the hottest 18 year olds you are ever likely to see online and do you know what? They get naked and fuck!

They Look So Innocent.

The thing that strikes you is that these chicks do indeed look so innocent and you could never imagine them doing something as filthy as having hot and horny sex. However, they let you know that they really do know what to do when it comes to satisfying themselves as well as your cock and watching these scenes is going to leave you gasping for more and more.

Content Is Exclusive And Lots Of It.

The content on 18 Only Girls is exclusive to the site and with more than 1,100 videos and over 1,400 photo galleries to choose from it is clear that there are a lot of horny 18 year olds out there. There are also more than 350 different models on there and with regular updates you never know what is going to appear next. These guys are clearly very busy when it comes to filming horny 18 year olds. If there are 350 that means variety and as I always say: ‘Variety is the Spice of Life’.

So What Are They Doing?

These chicks are willing to do pretty much anything and everything and it is just hot to see somebody so innocent fucking and sucking until there is a mind blowing orgasm. They also love to fuck each other, take a cock in their ass, and love cum, so your idea of them being not corrupted will certainly be destroyed within the first few minutes.

The Quality Is Outstanding.

I need to mention the quality of the content from a technical point of view as everything is crystal clear and is filmed in HD. It does help that the site is still relatively new, so you are not really going to suffer with older content made with inferior equipment, but you do get to see all of the juicy details right down to every last drop.

18 Only Girls is, for me, one of the best sites of its kind and if you have any sense, then you will go ahead and sign up. What are you waiting for? They are ready for you!


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OK I admit that DogFart is not the best named porn site, but do you want to know something? I don’t care! Why do I not care? Simply because the content that they produce is outstanding and if you are a lover of watching white chicks being fucked by black guys with huge cocks, then welcome to paradise.

The Same Idea, But So Hot To Watch.

So the only thing that this site does is focus on those white chicks with black guys and quite often it involves a group of black guys as well. You might think that this sounds boring, but to be honest with you it really is not and that is simply because of the energy that is in each scene. Oh yeah, and the fact that the chicks are being seriously fucked hard.

It’s Huge!!

Yep it is indeed huge. The DogFart discount membership side that is. You see you get access to 22 different sites that all focus on the same kind of thing, but from different angles and with different themes. All of this equates to over 3,600 scenes with almost 1300 different girls and that just works out at a whole host of porn that you are going to go crazy over.

The Action Is Raw And Ready.

There is nothing fancy about the action as it is just straight down to hardcore fucking with no messing around. OK, there is a little bit of traditional porn acting, but they end up spending the vast majority of the scene fucking those chicks like mad until they have orgasmed far too many times. These chicks love it in every single hole and the guys are only happy to oblige.

Updates Galore.

Dogfart believe in updating their site on a regular basis and that means that you are going to have something new to check out all of the time. These guys are constantly busy, but I love what they do and it does mean that I feel I get real value for money for my membership.

Should you join? Absolutely, but only if you love interracial sex because if you do, then there is never any need to venture anywhere else online.

Reality Kings

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I need to make something quite clear. I am a lover of porn. Yeah I know that this is going to come as a bit of a shock, but it is true. However, I have a complaint to make. The reason why I am so in love with porn is thanks to websites such as Reality Kings. You see, they just have this rather annoying habit of making amazing porn and do you want to know something else? Their website is full of it!

The Content Is Bursting Out Like Big Boobs In A Small Top.

This site really is full of content as you are looking at well over 8,000 different scenes along with the same huge number of photo galleries. Just try and do the maths for a second here. Each scene lasts for around 25 minutes and each photo set has an average of 400 pics in each set. How much time do you need to look at all of the porn that they have on offer?

The Content Features Stars Hotter Than The Sun.

I love that with the Reality Kings discount they do have a real mixture of stars both with the level of fame that they have as well as the different looks and styles. During my rather extensive search of the site I saw pretty much every hair color, tall, short, slim, curvy, small boobs, big boobs, natural, fake, you name it I saw it. Of course variety is always welcome when it comes to porn, so no matter your personal preference they are going to have it here.

The Content Is Easy To Search.

When you have such a huge amount of content on your site it is obviously important that you make it nice and easy to search through it all. Thankfully Reality Kings have thought about this and made sure that you can search according to all kinds of terms and preferences. The fact that you can then go ahead and download that content after you have found it is just a nice bonus although it will pose a problem for your hard drive.

With Reality Kings you get way more than just one site as instead you are in a network of porn that is going to blow your mind. These guys know what they are doing when it comes to making horny movies and you are going to see what I mean after checking out just one single trailer.